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Queen Victoria and the Royal Glen

Jan 3, 2013

2nd edition of Queen Victoria and the Royal Glen by Jean Crane now on sale

The long awaited 2nd edition of Queen Victoria and the Royal Glen, written by Jean Crane has now been printed.  Copies may be purchased at reception £6.50.  This does not include postage.The foreward is written by Eric Delderfield (1910-1995)


Inspired by my years of residence in the Royal Glen, managing the hotel with my husband, I have long wanted to record both the history of the house and some of the famous royal visitors linked with its past.

From its early beginning as a modest farmhouse, the building was transformed (by a Mr King) to the airy grace of its present Gothic architecture. It changed by stages from private home to hotel.  The first royal visitors were the Duke and Duchess of Kent who, in December 1819, arrived in Sidmouth with their baby daughter, Princess Victoria, to stay at Woolbrook Cottage as the Royal Glen was then known.  This visit marked the beginning of Sidmouth's  cherished link with the monarchy and it ensured the town's patronage by many royal and distinguished visitors.

I have been encouraged by the continuing interest of our many hundreds of guests who are delighted to learn of the dramatic events which took place so many years ago in the house where one of our greatest queens celebrated her first Christmas.

This is not an attempt to write a detailed account of a subject which has already been covered by professional historians.  I have endeavoured to pin-point some of the lesser-known facts of one of Sidmouth's oldest houses and reveal its charm.  At the same time I trust the modicum of history that this book seeks to impart will make pleasant reading for all.

Jean Crane

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