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Winter 17/18 Refurbishing Project

Jan 4, 2018

 16/17 refurb; Room Elizabeth new bathroom extension & refurbishment to suite status.  Kitchen decoration & lighting, sump pump & annual maintenance. Painting and decorating all corridors. Extensive clearing & some replacement of hedging. Windows 26, Duke repair.Outside Painting All. Fire alarm and smoke detectors renewal.

15/16 Programme :Bathrooms in Room Charles, Andrew, Edward, Duke and 22 ; Henry room becomes a Suite with luxury bathroom, and seperate sitting area;  maintenance work on part of roof, new tanks; painting of windows; refurbishment of porch area and ornamental railings.  New combi oven, pool boilers & showers.

2014/15  Programme :-  Restaurant decorate walls & refurbish curtain poles;  New windows 4 (no mean task ! patience of Jove required by carpenters, glazers & painters); redecorate link corridor; remedial & replacement work on corridor carpets; pool pump room major remedial work, repair tiles in pool;  dismantle greenhouse and replace; new hedging & shrubs; replace bathrooms Room Princess & Room Anne;paint touch up Royal Retreat Therapy room.


Work Winter 2013/14 update  Refurbishment of Public Cloakrooms - Remedial stonework on road boundary - Renew / or repair 6 windows -  Extra sockets in Charles, Andrew, Edward & Anne -

Winter 2012/2013

The Swimming Pool was emptied and all the tiling and grouting repaired.  Fingers crossed there are no more leaks and the pool has resumed its infinity status which makes it so relaxing as it laps over the edges.

The Kent Bar is looking brighter with the mid room screen removed, downlighters, and new smart cane furniture with both comfy armchairs and higher chairs too.  The Victorian Oval Girondale Mirrors have been rewired by a fascinating company, antiquelightingcompany.com on the quay at Exeter and repaired exquisitely by www.turnersdecoratives.co.uk  (formerly of Topsham)

New Carpet and floorboards in room 26.

As always there were a few more unexpected jobs that were not anticipated!

This 2011/12 winter we have renovated the front elevation which is the oldest part of the building. The stone structure is sound, however the wooden windows and ornate arches framing the windows were all rotten. They have been copied and replaced and the front wall completely re- rendered so that hopefully we will not get any more water ingress, freezing and blowing the plaster. The windows all should fit better and open and close easier.All these works have been done in line with this part of the buildings grade 1 listing.

The oldest parts of the roof have been insulated where we have had to replace tiles and ancient gullies.

2010/11 winter we invested in a new combi boiler with up to date thermostat precision, and efficient recovery.

the restaurant now has under floor heating which should be far more efficient & comfortable than the previous circulation of warm air, also new lighting and while we were at it staff no longer have to duck as they come out of the kitchen! and the very steep step into the main restaurant has gone.

Improved access to the second floor from the top car park by a wider path.

Our locks were beginning to wear out and causing problems, we have updated these with key cards which have excellent security properties and of course are much less cumbersome in your pocket or hand bag.

The Kent Lounge Bar can now offer you your favourite coffee tipple : Capuccino, Americano, Expresso or the traditional freshly ground served in a cafetiere.

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